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Parent Information


Tadpole Daycare Location: Livermore, CA
Provider: Jackie Burt-Avelar/Josh Burt
Daycare Hours: 7:30 am - 5:00 pm
License #: 013418334
Call 925 455-1359

Tuition and Payment Information:

Tadpole daycare is a 52 week/year tuition based daycare. The tuition fee includes all standard charges. In addition Tadpole Daycare supplies diapers and wipes at no additional charge. No additional fees are charged for food or materials either. No transportation services are provided; any field trips are within walking distance. Days where the child is ill but can still attend daycare will incur a $10/day fee. Payments are due on a weekly basis. Unless otherwise arranged. Annual invoices are provided for regular tuition as a courtesy. The invoices include the tax I.D. and/or License number and may serve as a receipt for tax purposes. If an invoice is believed to be incorrect, the amount believed correct must be paid on time and a note explaining the error left with the payment. No late penalty will be charged on disputed amounts if the undisputed portion has been paid. Late tuition payments will incur a penalty of $10 per day. There is a returned check charge of $50 per item. Non-payment beyond ten days late will be construed as a 30-day notice to withdraw. All children must be picked up on time. Habitual lateness will not be tolerated. There is a pre-arranged early daycare drop-off fee starting at $5 per day.

Snacks and Nutritious Meals:
Tadpole Daycare gladly provides all snacks, milk/juices and warm nutritious infant/toddler/preschooler meals. With the exception of infant formula, this is to be provided by the parents. The Gerber
Start Healthy” eating plan is followed along with homemade fruits and vegetables for infants. Toddler food will continue with Gerber meals and introduce locally grown organic fruits and vegetables then add whole grains and other environmentally conscious ingredients to assist you in raising the healthiest child possible. Those who wish to bring their own food and drinks may. All foods must be labeled.

Holidays, Vacations and days care is not available:
The Family Day Care home will be closed for the following holidays: New Year
s Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day after Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day. One provider continued education day TBD.

The Family Day Care will close for two weeks during the year for vacation July 4th week in the summer and Christmas week in the winter. Provider will give two week reminder prior to vacation. Parents must provide back-up care.

Although the Provider will try to be available for work each day, there will be occasions when personal, family illness or other emergency makes that impossible. Provider will notify parents as early as possible if she cannot provide care. It is the Parent
s responsibility to get back-up daycare.

Health and Safety

Tadpole Daycare abides with all local and state requirements regarding health and safety. Injuries will be dealt with as specified on the Emergency Information form. As stated above we will provide mildly ill children with comfort and care with a pre-determined fee. Approved medication, supplies and love will be provided to your sick child. Please be aware that certain times require that you keep your child home. The following list is from the state fact sheet Illness Policy. When to Keep Your Child Home from Day Care When your child is sick, keep him/her home from Day Care. This is not only benefits your child but other children and Providers in the Day Care.

Signs of illness are:
1. A temperature of more than 100 degrees
2. Nausea or vomiting
3. Continued Stomachache
4. Diarrhea
5. Pale or flushed face
6. Persistent Headache
7. Congested/whooping Cough
8. Untreated Ear infections
9. Thick yellow/green discharge from nose
10. Sore/Swollen throat
11. Rash or infection of the skin
12. Red or pink eye
13. Other symptoms of acute or contagious illness

If your child shows any of the above signs of illness do not send the child to Day Care. A child should be free of fever or on antibiotics for twenty-four hours before returning to Day Care. Children should be allowed to fully recover at home after an illness before returning to Day Care.

Emergency Evacuations In the rare case of a need for an evacuation for a period exceeding two hours, the following procedure will be implemented: 1. Pre-written Evacuation Plan will be followed. Evacuation sites are: Livermore High School and then East Ave Middle School. 2. We have pre-packed food/item/first-aid bags for such emergencies. 3. We will telephone parents, as soon as possible, to inform them of the evacuation. 4. If parents believe that an evacuation is taking place, please call the provider at: (Daycare home) 925 455-1359 and (Josh cell) 925 784-1345 and (Jackie cell) 925 980-1739.

Privacy All documents in a childs file are considered confidential records and are not disclosed, except to officials of the Department of Social Services--Community Care Licensing, without the written permission of parents.